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a selection of short stories--eighteen in total--which range from lost love to humour, horror to strangeness, and even a touch of fantasy is thrown in. Also is the fact that many of the stories are set in different parts of the world: America, England, Ir....
ISBN: 9781839454950
Published: 30 October 2020
a comic novel about an eccentric millionaire who builds a indoor golf course inside his mansion. He marries his cousin, who becomes famous on the international golf circus. Loses his mansion and his millions to a conman who tells him he is a designer of i....
ISBN: 9781788768801
Published: 31 May 2019
set in a dusty remote mining town of Wurrajerra in north west Queensland in the 1960's, ELLE tells the story of Emmett an young Irish immigrant who arrives looking for a job in the mine. Disappointed at not been able to find work, he strikes up a friendsh....
ISBN: 9781788768924
Published: 13 June 2019
Set in a remote Australian mining town, ELLE tells the story of Emmett, a young itinerant Irishman who is hoping to find a job in the mining industry. Unable to secure a job, and with only enough money to leave the dusty town, he finally gets lucky with a....
ISBN: 9781788767415
Published: 14 February 2019
the work is a series of short stories that describes the lives of the locals of Londonderry, Northern Ireland, and the communities of the Inishowen Peninsula. There are twenty stories in all, some funny, some bizarre, and others that are sad.
ISBN: 9781803028682
Published: 12 July 2023
the work is a collection of short stories, twenty-two in total. They vary in length and many of them are set in a number of countries around the world. This particular collection is my fifth volume. Like the other fourth they are all published by FeedArea....
ISBN: 9781803026534
Published: 3 November 2022
When Cassandra and her young brother are lured into a portal in their attic to another world by a strange man called Wangi, little did they know why. Cassandra is surprised and delighted to be in a world of beauty and friendliness--the land of Sumer. It s....
ISBN: 9781803020938
Published: 6 August 2021
A collection of novellas, from Italy, Germany, U.S.A. Ireland, and Australia. Love themes, and humour, and many other emotions as well.
ISBN: 9781835972045
Published: 10 July 2024