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My name is Samantha Turner and I grew up in the North West of England in a small town where I still live today with my husband. I have been writing poetry and short stories since childhood and my writing is influenced by life experience and my surroundings.I am an animal lover and am most happy outdoors walking in the countryside. My Heart on Your Sleeve is the first of what I hope to be a a successful series of poetry books as I continue to write about my past and present life experiences and future hopes and fears. I hope you enjoy the book. Many thanks Samantha.

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An evocative collection of raw emotion and gritty realism. This powerful collection of beautiful and sometimes dark poetry feels as though it has been written just for you. The author grabs at your heart with words that will leave a scar on your soul leav....
ISBN: 9781788768085
Published: 18 April 2019