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A.R. Mayer was born in Stoke-on- Trent in 1961. He gained a first class B.A. degree in English and Theology from the University of Liverpool and an M.Phil from the University of Manchester. This was for a 60,000 word thesis on the question: ‘Who Wrote the Fouth Gospel?’ His answer was: I don’t know. (Since then, he has thought about more questions, and come up with the same answer.) His publications have included an adult Thriller called ‘Tasting the Wind’ which he published under the name of ‘Allan Mayer’. He wrote the book and lyrics for the musical ‘Once Upon a Time Machine’ (Music by Stephen Hearson) and has contributed to periodicals as diverse as ‘The Expository Times’ and ‘Community Living Magazine.’ Having spent most of his working life managing a day service for people with learning disabilities, he now works at Sir Tom Finney Community High School in Preston. He lives in Chorley, Lancashire, with his wife, Alison, son, Deane, and dog, Barney.

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There is nothing unusual about a dog taking a walk. Until the night that Barney hears a message which will change his life forever... THE DRAGONS ARE RETURNING. But before this can happen, Barney and his pack must find five mystical objects. And if that i....
ISBN: 9781788769709
Published: 23 August 2019