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Originally from London, I sometimes attended university in Newcastle, studying English and Film. After uni I relocated to San Francisco and lived there and across the Bay Bridge in Oakland for many years. In 2015 I migrated to Amsterdam, where I hope to avoid deportation once Brexit happens. I've worked in corporate legal offices in different countries for several companies since 1997. Various articles of mine about Newcastle United have been published over the years but I lack the motivation to write more and can barely be bothered watching them these days. The first draft of The Ballad of Green Paper was completed in 2009 and took about nine months. Along with sixty others I'd been laid off from a legal and economic consulting firm due to the sub-prime mortgage crisis, and this provided the opportunity to devote time and energy to the satirical novel that'd been developing in my mind for years. I wanted to write about Corporate America and the choices people make in that environment, and how those choices insidiously change them. Online I consume articles about the state of the world every day whilst in book-form I read fiction exclusively. I revere style and aesthetics, the rhythm of writing. I believe that a good book should transcend genre and contain elements of humour, drama, tragedy and everything encapsulating the experience of being human. Authors I enjoy include Patricia Highsmith, Raymond Chandler and Charles Bukowski. Particularly important to me are Irvine Welsh and Haruki Murakami. I'd like to think my fiction can be placed somewhere between the two of them, but then I like to think a lot of things. And some of their work is mediocre, anyway. I'm currently working on my second novel, set around a group of teens growing up in London in the 90s, concerning the nature of identity, friendship and loyalty. Other projects have been outlined and are in the pipeline. I write for myself, but also to represent people of my class or background who may consider literature something that isn't for them.

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Anthony Harrison is an idealistic twenty-something marooned in a city that he can no longer stand, having relocated there for an ex-girlfriend who has long since left him. Doubling-down on the death of his dreams, he gives up singing and leaves the unsucc....
ISBN: 9781839451287
Published: 18 December 2019