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Originally earmarked for the Methodist Mission Field, I soon discovered that ‘the missionary position’ didn’t suit me. A post-university career in telecommunications took me to the Middle East where I moonlighted as a journalist and socialized heavily with the ‘natives’ and with stewardesses from one of the local airlines, which came in handy when I started writing SHAIKH-DOWN. I now live a few miles outside Brighton in southeast England with greyhound George and lurcher Mildred, two rescue-centre dogs. In 2012 I published (via Troubador) my second novel THE DROPOUT. 19-year-old Paul, desperate to find a girlfriend, has to learn how to cope with unwelcome advances from gay admirers. Extracts from THE DROPOUT and two more (unpublished) novels can be viewed on my website

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On the Persian Gulf island of Belaj, British air-hostesses and Egyptian belly-dancers are working overtime to relieve oversexed citizens of their frustrations and petrodollars. One of the punters is murdered: whisky-soaked publisher Farouk whose randy wif....
ISBN: 9781849234023
Published: 1 November 2011