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An Alternative To Wedding Etiquette is a more down to earth and relaxed guide to wedding planning. You will not find a list of dos and don'ts in this book. It's more about exploring options for couples who are planning their special day and not being forc....
ISBN: 9781839452369
Published: 6 March 2020
This is the telling of an unlikely friendship between Carmen and Johnny. A chance meeting in the mid-eighties of two 5-year olds that form an unbreakable bond. Could it be possible to meet your sole mate in Primary one? Carmen has no idea of the incredibl....
ISBN: 9781839453229
Published: 4 June 2020
Say Aye Tae The Frock is a real life insight into the antics that go on in a bridal shop in a smalll town in Scotland. These are the stories that no-one dares to share! Forget the supposedly euphoric and dream-like experiences of finding the perfect weddi....
ISBN: 9781839451881
Published: 9 July 2020
The Last Laugh is a compilation of short stories inspired by the residents of a care home in Scotland.If you thought life in a care was boring, then think again.This generation of men and women are truly inspiring and are no where near ready for slowing d....
ISBN: 9781839453489
Published: 26 June 2020