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I became enchanted by books and writing little stories at a very early age, six I think. I even had my own library. It was an old bamboo bookcase full of books. I made little library tickets for the books and they had to be checked out and back in. OK, so only my elder sister, Tricia and I were members, but I was deadly serious about it. I was a librarian in my school, too. My maternal urge was very strong so I didn't take up writing seriously until all seven of them had left the nest! I have a Diploma of Education in Literature and Creative Writing from the Open University. I am currently working on other novels including a Crime/Thriller and a sequel to Keeper of the Enchanted Pool. I really have so much more to tell about Lottie, Bertie and the Pipples...

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Review:The Pipples have tremendous appeal and unlimited potential for being as magical as the name sounds. A nice story that will surely hold the appropriate age group (and others) spell bound. - Chuck Buckner --Chuck Buckner - Amercan authorReview:What a....
ISBN: 9781849234375
Published: 1 November 2011