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Close friends, good friends, who meet up for their traditional breakfast after a night out. But this meal will show them how much they really know about each other with furious candour.
ISBN: 9781803020907
Published: 6 August 2021
'The Bandaged Hand' is the debut poetry collection from Alistair David Todd. Looking at the creative nature, mental illness and the balance between he takes a wildly imaginative perspective; from a beach full of novelists, to the motivational speech of a ....
ISBN: 9781839455056
Published: 2 December 2020
Inspired by the very first space launch this long poem in four parts captures the essential isolation of mankind with the paradox and possibility of connection. Dedicated to NASA it is a hymn to the scientific endeavour that allows us to reach new heights....
ISBN: 9781803020914
Published: 6 August 2021
He was chosen. Now a game is to be played. Across the world are scattered the Grand Masters of the Game. He has to defeat them or face the consequences from the Committee. Hating the world he departs armed only with his arrogance and the pyric nature of h....
ISBN: 9781839459849
Published: 27 May 2021
Based on the Grand Pier before it burned down this screenplay is a six degrees of separation story reminiscent of '$20', '13 Conversations About One Thing' and 'Crash'. An ensemble of characters enter the pier and are changed by what goes on inside. Human....
ISBN: 9781803020891
Published: 6 August 2021