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Born, against the odds, to a widowed artist, in a neighbour's bed. Husband, father, novelist, playwright, short story writer, blogger, word wrangler, committed agnostic, romantic open-minded radical liberal, sometimes dangerous to know. Raised by a mother who knew what love meant and a step-father who lacked imagination but loved and educated me in things natural and worldly. Writing the wrong things for half a lifetime, until I learned who I was and understood my opinion was as valid as that of anyone else. My fiction, the only place I ever bend the truth and which, after love, remains my raison dêtre, includes romance, science fiction, fantasy, erotica, horror and something that purports to be literary.

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As Faith stands shivering before the gates of the notorious Longhouse, she has to ask herself why she's contemplating work with the man her father describes as the Devil’s Henchman. Everything in her past warns her that this move may be dangerous. But tha....
ISBN: 9781849233149
Published: 1 November 2011