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Jonathan Hopkins has worked in occupations as diverse as bulk tanker loader and kitchen designer, but since 2001 has fitted and repaired saddles professionally. A lifelong horse-keeper and long term chair of an affiliated riding club close to his home in South Wales, his interest in the cavalrymen who served under the Duke of Wellington originally grew out of research into saddlery worn by troop horses, for which there are no surviving patterns. 'Walls of Jericho' is the first of a series of novels featuring two young Light Dragoons, part of Wellington's army fighting Napoleon in Portugal and Span.

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1808. As Napoleon’s conscript armies smash their way across Europe, a small British expeditionary force lands on the coast of Portugal. Its mission: to support Portuguese efforts to eject the French from their country. Young cavalrymen Corporal Joshua Loc....
ISBN: 9781849230308
Published: 1 November 2011