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A long term bibliophile, I eventually became attracted to the challenge of creative writing. So far I have written two novels, my debut A Dangerous Windfall and my new epic historical saga, Depth of a Shadow. My aim is to continue trying to write intelligent, well-researched plot-driven novels for the mass fiction market and, hopefully, achieve some recognition. I live with my wife in the beautiful Coquet valley of Northumberland on the fringe of the Northumberland National Park. Some action scenes in my first book are set in this area.

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Finding yourself the sole beneficiary of a £20.6 million legacy from someone unrelated and totally unknown to you should be like winning the lottery. But Simon Preston’s windfall begins to look like a poisoned chalice when he becomes the target of a psych....
ISBN: 9781849230384
Published: 9 September 2016
England and the Great Northern Coalfield 1794.For coal barons, a time when vast fortunes can be made. For miners, a life of bondage and appalling hardship. A powder-keg of discontent that is about to explode with dramatic and life-changing consequences fo....
ISBN: 9781781768853
Published: 9 September 2016