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Born in the Midlands, I migrated to the warmer farming county of Somerset in the South West of England . I live here with my amazing teenager Rio and my equally amazing Husband Pat. Together we make a very tight team. Because we all helped look after my eldest son Ellis, until he passed away aged 14. I am surrounded by good people in my life. This lifts me every day. I am an artist who has recently leaned towards painting huge acrylic ethnic figurative canvas'. Having experienced a world where my child was abused by being shaken as a baby, and the constant and harrowing ordeal of seeing his suffering and slow demise over 14 years, I have decided to write fiction about child abuse, and how easy it can be missed, thus leaving the child to do what it takes to survive. I am yet to write about what happened to my Ellis, even though the hole that was left there when he went was over 11 years ago. But it shaped us all, even my friends. We have a massive understanding of living life and making the most of the incredible people that we call our support network. I was diagnosed with having PTSD a few years ago. the trauma and mental anguish I went through has caused me to be cognitively impaired, forgetful, and not always able to complete a sentence. I enter many rooms in my house daily with no recollection of what I needed from there! So I thought..Im going to write a book, I needed to prove that I wasn't incapable. That I was not finished with being part of this world.

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FRIEND Who do we trust really? Are they a friend or something more sinister. Fast paced from the start, this tale takes you on an epic journey. A journey so fast you have little time to work out the good people from the bad. Children should be able to tru....
ISBN: 9781839456121
Published: 9 December 2020