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I am a writer and an artist, working in the South of England. I have published poetry in anthologies, and am working on a first book of poetry. I have two or three project pieces on the go. Am interested in all aspects of creative writing. Favorite authors, Sylvia Plath, James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Tama Janovitz, Patrice Chaplin, D.H. Lawrence, Thomas Hardy, Charles Dickens..endless list actually..

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Hilda Fortune is a young working woman in London, whose survival depends on her rigorous routine of work. She is a woman of means or so her neighbors think, but, she is alone and looking for love too. Some of her world is punctuated with family who visit,....
ISBN: 9781835970362
Published: 5 February 2024
A book of short stories I have been writing over the last few years. The stories are purely fictional and do not represent anyone living. They are situations that people do experience. Some are crime based, but some are just about life. The realm of human....
ISBN: 9781784079932
Published: 29 August 2014
This is a collection of my poetry from my days spent in Sussex and also recent efforts some of which have been read at unplugged poetry events around London and Brighton venues including the Poetry Cafe in Covent Garden, London (Home to the Poetry Society....
ISBN: 9781784076351
Published: 28 April 2014