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Marie O’Connell is an Irish author of short stories and press articles. She’s the mother of three young adults, but she’s also been a pastoral worker, a teacher, an administrator, a receptionist, a choir member, a dancer around the house, Irish youth representative to Europe, she ran her own charity and is a voice for women. She does her best writing in cafes, on park benches, on any beach, and at home in her community of Killaloe/Ballina, Co. Clare. Marie loves to act, tell stories as well as write. She loved her time as a mature student where she graduated with a BA, a PG dip, an MA and is pursuing a PHD. She is a community volunteer and activist, always supporting those who need a voice. In this book she transports her readers to a place where brave trail-blazers guide communities to a new reality. Engaging communities to take responsibility where women and men are resilient, and compassion is alive and well.

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This is a book on the decline of religious practice in Ireland and the impact of this on local communities. It is based on the change in church authority and community from our grandparents time to the present day. It concentrates on my observations over ....
ISBN: 9781803025001
Published: 5 May 2022