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Daisy Jane, who prefers to be called ‘Newt’, wants a pet, but nothing ordinary or fluffy. At the pet centre, she persuades Dad to buy a corn snake, who she names Cornflake. Newt adores Cornflake and so, when the family have to fly to Newcastle to stay wit....
ISBN: 9781786975683
Published: 2 December 2016
Is life art or is art life? And where in the world of life and art does nature fit in? Explore life, nature and art in this collection of poems by a prize winning poet.
ISBN: 9781788768269
Published: 1 May 2019
Poppy Albright – a girl who is willing to try (almost) anything in the pursuit of true love.A tiny speck in the galaxy known as Chelsea, Poppy Albright suddenly becomes an expert in how not to marry a millionaire. She is also an authority on unsuitable jo....
ISBN: 9781782995005
Published: 29 May 2013