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Born and raised in London but crept gradually up the eastern side of England until I stopped at the border. Mum of four, grandma of seven (and maybe more in the future!), married to Steve and living in a small town in Northumberland. After spending most of my working life writing in one way or another, (usually very boring reports which nobody ever read), I now have the time to indulge myself and write whatever I want, when I want. Life is too long to be miserable all of the time, so I enjoy humour and silliness.

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This is a book about friendship and about the loss of a friend. Maureen Taylor was a member of our writing group and she produced many fine pieces of work. Some were funny, some sad, some were poignant and others were unusual. None of them were ever borin....
ISBN: 9781835970102
Published: 21 December 2023
Here is a woman who knows how to move on and begin again. Life has become difficult and hostile. What to do? Crawl under a stone and wait for the inevitable or come out fighting? Fee decides to fight and in doing so she discovers strengths which she never....
ISBN: 9781835971666
Published: 16 May 2024
OED definition of Loss: The fact or process of losing something or someone. A defeat in sport The amount by which money spent in operation or production exceeds money earned. There are many different definitions and situations which encompass the word "lo....
ISBN: 9781803027920
Published: 9 April 2023