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The son of a British Army officer, Jonathan Rush grew up in Germany, England, Cyprus, and Australia. The wanderlust he inherited from his parents led him to live and work in Switzerland, the Netherlands, the Middle East and Australia. He had long been intrigued by the story of his mother's Scottish-Australian family. After his mother died in 2013, aged 101, he was given a copy of the family tales, as remembered by her aunt, Mary Annie MacKay, which form the basis of the true story embedded in 'This land is ours'. Mary Annie's portrait as a young girl appears on the book's front cover. In 1978 he took up a job in Tehran where he lived, together with his new wife, through the Iranian revolution . While in Iran they witnessed, at first hand, street and rooftop fighting, bombings, ethnic tension, and demonstrations by over a million people. They travelled widely within the country and Jonathan's knowledge of Iran, its people and ethnic diversity informs much of his first book, My Persian Girl. Jonathan and his teacher wife live near London, England. After a career in the international construction industry and public relations, he is now active in local politics. They have three grown-up married children and two grandchildren.

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Under its placid surface in 1978, Iran was a simmering sea of religious animosity and social resentment, which was shortly to boil over into the world’s first Islamic revolution: the overthrow of the country’s autocratic ruler, the Shah; and his replaceme....
ISBN: 9781781763612
Published: 15 May 2012
In 1806 William MacKay and his wife, Jane Scobie, together with their six children left the Scottish Highlands for Canada’s Prince Edward Island. A reluctant Jane had finally realised that their venal clan chief would betray the MacKays. Little did she kn....
ISBN: 9781788763820
Published: 3 July 2018