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Jason lost his job with the Fire Service. He was lucky to get a clerical post at a Records Office. Here he met a girl whom he believed to be 'out of his league'. They seemed to hit it off. However, she liked to play a game; Best Confession...
ISBN: 9781835970492
Published: 26 February 2024
Charlie's father, Bryan, had died.Charlie returned to his old home town for the reading of the will.Amongst other things, Charlie was bequeathed a writing desk containing some numbered envelopes. Bryan wish was that Charlie should go through the envelopes....
ISBN: 9781835970812
Published: 7 March 2024
Whilst on holiday in Las Vegas with his wife Wendy, Firefighter Frank Chambers saved the life of a stranger.The stranger turned out to be the grandson of a local mob boss Angelo Zanetti. Zanetti and his family were obviously very grateful and wanted to re....
ISBN: 9781835971314
Published: 8 April 2024