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A mythical intriguing story full of suprises and humour. This is a story of a boy called Jack Dent, whose life is at a low ebb. Jack is struggling in year six with his preparation for S.A.T 'S, and is often humiliated for wearing second hand clothes. It i....
ISBN: 9781908603661
Published: 22 October 2011
Poems that will open new worlds. Happy poems, fun poems, sad poems and reflective poems. Poems that stir the soul and spirit and take the reader on a journey carried by a Mistral imagination. Uplifting poems for all ages.
ISBN: 9781788760720
Published: 20 October 2017
Poems of enchantment, inspiration and mystery will invite the readers of all ages to enter a mythical world that will stir the imagination and raise the spirit. It is the intention of the author to give rays of happiness to a world that is often strewn wi....
ISBN: 9781788760928
Published: 13 November 2017