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These are a collection of lyrical prose on nature and the seasons, Kung Fu, a few parables, short tales written in a way to help aid towards a feeling of serenity and inner peace. A student of Taoism and Pak mei kung fu, I love writing about nature and th....
ISBN: 9781781763421
Published: 15 May 2012
A series of kung fu prose, humour pieces and fantasy set on alternate worlds. Pak mei kung fu was a closed door style and I hope to introduce my character Black Eyebrow who is dark, vs White Eyebrow who is a true Taoist.
ISBN: 9781781768334
Published: 13 October 2012
Once upon a time in a country known as Rhodesia there was a war going on and not some ordinary logical war either. It was a battle began by some people, who incidentally were white and from many different lands, who wanted a land filled with posh houses a....
ISBN: 9781782991168
Published: 30 January 2013
I entered the world of imagination as a child and now wish to reveal the inner secrets of my mind. A collection of original and imaginative fantasy stories.
ISBN: 9781782993377
Published: 16 April 2013
When a teenager drags her poor mum on some dangerous adventures in the past she thinks it is cool being in trouble. She drags her mum into a tarantula filled jungle a million years ago, has Nazi loving aliens after them and so much more in various edition....
ISBN: 9781781767672
Published: 17 September 2012
A collection of lyrics and parables set on other worlds from a funny karmic parable to a parable n the mind and a parable with a message
ISBN: 9781782991731
Published: 15 February 2013
A collection of short fantasy stories set on alternate worlds where snails go to unfair recycling worlds and lizard people look up to the beauty of humans
ISBN: 9781782994015
Published: 9 May 2013