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I have six ebooks on kindle and smashwords and am a member of romance on To Catch a Thief -Review by Francine Howarth -a fun read -a billion dollar heist in the bauty business -what more could you want -read the book to join in the action. This is To Catch a Daring Thief as an ebook by Pamela D Strange. Devil Doctor - by Angel Rose - she hates the sadistic doctor for giving her mother a terminal prognosis -but intriguing and interesting resolution. Intimate Enemies by Angel Rose -follow her amorous adventures and if Blake is guilty does she really want to prove it. Mysterious Master - by Isabella Rose -Mark has a secret -Jana is determined to ferret out. Daddy's Little Spy - by Isabella Rose is the childs struggle to survive WW2 and a mother who joins a witches coven. Love spells in this book I'm told really work. Ena Roscoe Musical Star 1920's -1940's -family history -mixed with famous radio and music hall stars -what did Walt Disney give to Ena. And why? I have been writing for newspapers and magazines for years and have an ebook called how to get sponsored and published full of handy hints and tips at a bargain price. I'm at the International festival of romantic writers in Bedford November 16th -17th and any of my readers are welcome to chat to me. Chat to me anyway who knows you might become a follower on twitter. All links to my books are on my webpage -Have a great day.

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Gayle is shocked by the brusque way Dr James Flood gives her bad news. In her eyes he becomes a satanic Devil Doctor. Dr James is determined to help her through the family crisis in spite of her antagonism. This is an inspirational story of courage in adv....
ISBN: 9781781769720
Published: 21 November 2012
Mark has a secret which Jana is determined to ferret out.She has an ulterior motive for working at the school where he is deputy head.Her half sister Ruby has disappeared after naming Mark as a heartbreaker. Jana wants revenge. And to discover where Ruby ....
ISBN: 9781784078614
Published: 11 July 2014
To Catch a Thief by Pamela D Strange is renamed as an ebook To Catch a Daring Thief by Pamela D Strange. Review by Francine Howarth -This is a fun read -a billion dollar heist in the beauty business -what more could you want -read the book to join in the ....
ISBN: 9781849230063
Published: 1 November 2011