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Jules Frusher lives in Gloucestershire. She has loved writing stories since she could pick up a pencil but only seriously started at the age of twelve, when, after a nasty bout of glandular fever, she was not allowed to do games and had to go and sit in the biology prep room and ‘do something else instead’. So, surrounded by jars of strange looking specimens in evil-smelling formaldehyde, she wrote her first novel – about ancient Crete. Her passion is still history, especially the Middle Ages, and her current work in progress is about one of the more infamous characters of the fourteenth century: Hugh Despenser. She also has a huge interest in modern warfare and special forces operations, and previous work has included several ghost-writing/research projects on SAS history/survival . For a female she has an (un)healthy interest in weaponry, use of explosives, surveillance and counter-terrorism tactics! In addition (and this from the sublime to the almost ridiculous!), she was also commissioned to write a series of books of spells for modern witches under the pseudonym of Lucy Summers! She is usually to be found drinking coffee, talking to herself and squinting at digitised manuscripts or assault weapons on the screen.

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In the midst of an anarchic breakdown of society in the UK, can one woman discover the truth about the death of her mercenary husband in Sierra Leone and find what he has left for her in a secret location in Wales?Traveling across a country where fear and....
ISBN: 9781781764039
Published: 31 May 2012