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Amanda has had a sixth sense since being a child. She attended St Michaels C of E and then went on to pass her nurses training at Brock hall hospital. She worked as acting deputy Charge nurse for a few years before the hospital closed. After the hospital closed she worked in Greece for ten months before returning to England and working for a nursing agency. When she was twenty six she came to the attention of the psychiatric department who thence made it their ultimate aim to get anti psychotics into her system. Amanda was aware of how dangerous these drugs are and the fact that they are just used as a chemical straight jacket to sedate the patient. In the eighties, when she worked as a nurse she was part of a campaign to get anti psychotics banned from the prescribing list. Amanda continued to work in various jobs until the 2007 act gave psychiatrists the power to section people for their “own health” if they feel people are not complying with their treatment plan. Since then she has been in and out of hospital on enforced treatment orders and has become so badly affected by the anti psychotic “cosh” drugs that she will probably never work again. Amanda has a deep faith that keeps her going through all the stress and pain that the psychiatric department keep inflicting on her. She feels sure that one day society will realise the folly of allowing doctors and psychiatrists to throw people on the scrap heap just because they don’t fit their defined perceptions of what it means to be normal. Amanda likes having a sixth sense and does not want curing. Instead she wishes that everybody had a sixth sense so everybody would understand her actions and words.

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