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I'm a slightly welsh priest, a fan of sci-fi, fantasy and whodunnits. For those who find such things interesting, I'm married with two children, one dog, and an ever-expanding bookcase. A Priest's Tale is my first novel and is also available as a ebook from amazon. The sequel, provisionally called 'The Tangled Web' is currently in formation - you can find the opening chapters at News and upcoming events will be published at - do come and visit me there! Post comments, ask questions and Oh! like me, please!

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When does the end cease to justify the means? Kayt'an Sahn has been sent to stop a bloody conflict - but at what cost? +++++ While a princess waits for her handsome prince, a priest sets out on a journey she didn't choose, in company she'd rather avoid, t....
ISBN: 9781781766545
Published: 17 August 2012