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I was? told as a child I had a highly active imagination. My passion for acting at the age of four proved that I guess and when I wasn't acting, my love of the written word took over, writing my first novella aged 7 and my first play aged 8. At 12, I fell ill and was diagnosed with M.E/CFS forcing me to put my acting and writing dreams on hold. My debut novel, Nowhere to Run, was written while bedridden with the condition in my early twenties. I have since been featured in The Times newspaper and Interaction magazine for the Action for M.E charity bringing hope to thousands of sufferers across the UK. For more information visit

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In a small Georgian town, filled with prejudice and corruption, Lawyer Matthew Brennan fights to save his sister-in-law, Sally Martinez, from the death penalty after two police officers are gunned down outside a local diner. But faced with his own demons,....
ISBN: 9781782998747
Published: 23 August 2013