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Gina’s relationship with her mother is strained to breaking point by Dora’s refusal to name Gina’s real dad. Eddie is looking forward to his career as a footballer with Oxford Rangers, but can he handle the off-field pressures that go with his job? During....
ISBN: 9781784071608
Published: 11 November 2013
'He could just see himself, in a year or so, going back home with his pockets stuffed with cash and his Da, Zach and Ma welcoming him with big smiles and open arms. It would be that grand he could hardly wait.' But when Malachy Flynn finds himself mixed u....
ISBN: 9781908603722
Published: 23 August 2013
Early 1960s – Newcastle, UK When eleven-year-old Meggie's feckless Dad doesn't pay the coal man she takes matters into her own hands. With her younger brother, Jack, she sets off to find the free coal she knows can be found in the pit heaps opposite their....
ISBN: 9781784072544
Published: 16 December 2013
Newcastle-upon-Tyne, UK 1965 - I felt a tickle of curiosity at the thought of kissing a boy and wondered how you did it without throwing up. Susie had never complained about kissing Dave, so maybe it wasn’t as bad as it looked. Fifteen-year-old Meggie is ....
ISBN: 9781784072551
Published: 16 December 2013
When thirteen-year-old Jake Malkin buys an old cuckoo clock at a car-boot sale, he has no idea a small boy is trapped inside. With the boy’s big sister, Ella, Jake sets out to find and rescue Eddie, but he has to contend with evil in the form of Grabbe, a....
ISBN: 9781782991953
Published: 20 February 2013