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Maddie Grigg writes about country life in Dorset and Corfu. She is a former local newspaper editor and now writes a weekly column for the perennially popular UK magazine, The People's Friend. She has a first class honours degree from The Open University in humanities and creative writing and studied for a masters in classics and ancient history from the University of Exeter. She is married with two children, three step-children, five grandchildren, two cats and a dog with a moustache and an attitude problem.

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Before Broadchurch, there was Broadhampton, a quirky little town on the Dorset coast where nothing much ever happens. Until Rupert Winkle, an exiled reporter from Channel 4, decides to move down and make a name for himself. As a mysterious cavalcade winds....
ISBN: 9781782999577
Published: 17 September 2013
Immersed in a sea of Barbour wearers and waves of Daily Mail readers, Maddie Grigg charts the highs and lows of a Dorset year as she attempts to swim against the tide in the lively and lovely village of Lush Places. From singing groups, book clubs and poi....
ISBN: 9781782996545
Published: 9 July 2013
Just like the Durrells, Maddie Grigg and her husband abandoned rainy Dorset for a new adventure on the Greek island of Corfu. With beautiful countryside, kind neighbours and plenty of sunshine, what could have been better? But Maddie was unprepared for th....
ISBN: 9781786108937
Published: 12 May 2016