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Not only was A E Filby a famous British explorer, but he was also my Uncle Archie. He died before I was born, but his unpublished manuscript, ‘Horizon Fever', and many scrapbooks survived. Proclaimed "the World's most travelled motorist", A E Filby undert....
ISBN: 9781781766415
Published: 7 August 2012
Morgan is a bad boy. A VERY bad boy. When a bunch of Martians give him a Shimmer Suit that makes him invisible, he wastes no time in wearing it to school and creating havoc. Well, wouldn’t you? This English comedy drama will amuse and encourage the most r....
ISBN: 9781781761113
Published: 28 March 2012
Never believe that life in a tiny Spanish mountain village is predictable. Vicky and Joe have finished fixing up their house and look forward to peaceful days enjoying their retirement. Then the fish van arrives, and instead of delivering fresh fish, disg....
ISBN: 9781908603555
Published: 11 November 2011