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Peter’s professional background is in nursing education and he is a graduate of the universities of York and Hull. Until retirement he was Professor of Health Studies at the former University of Lincolnshire and Humberside. He has been writing for over 30 years, mainly in the area of his chosen profession, having completed his first textbook in 1979. The initial success of this book led to a steady stream of articles published in refereed journals and local newspapers interspersed with conference papers and several more books, the most recent being a textbook for nurses published in 2011. For two years of his career Peter worked for the Open Learning Foundation as their editor in Health and Nursing and was for 10 years Editor in Chief of ‘Nurse Education Today’ an international peer reviewed journal published by Elsevier. Following his retirement Peter developed a passion for poetry, short fiction and biographical writing. For example,he researched and self-published a biography entitled ‘CAB 1’. This book chronicled the life and times of a North Yorkshire taxi driver using many anecdotes taken from his 26 years on the road. It created much local media interest and sold very well. More recently he successfully completed the Open University A215 Creative Writing course. He is a member of the Bassetlaw Writers’ Group and the Southwell based Reindeer Writers which is a Christian group. ‘According to Gabriel Jackson’ is his first novel.

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Gabriel Jackson is a black South African. Powerful, ruthless and well-connected he pledges his life to the spiritual education of a uniquely gifted Zimbabwean boy. Fuelled by the delusions of a paranoid despot, Jackson and the boy are pursued by dedicated....
ISBN: 9781782998204
Published: 6 June 2014