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Rich Allen has spent nearly twenty years as a radio presenter for commercial radio as well as the BBC. Born in Bridlington, East Yorkshire, he has worked for various radio stations around the UK, most notably, national station Virgin Radio (now Absolute Radio.) He began writing for pleasure in 2007 with the idea for a children's fantasy story.'The Stone of Destiny' was completed in 2009, but as yet remains unpublished. In 2011, Rich began writing a novel for adults. The story would be semi biographical in the sense that the central character was a radio presenter that had been brought up as a Jehovah's Witness. 'Suicide Vacation' was completed in September 2012 and first published as an e book. Rich lives in East Yorkshire with his fiancee and can often be heard on radio stations around Yorkshire and Greater Manchester.

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No one is ever truly alone. Jack Holden is a big fan of the silver screen, but if Hollywood ever make a movie about his life, it will be a horror film. He's lost his job as a radio presenter, his girlfriend has dumped him and eviction from his flat seems ....
ISBN: 9781782990680
Published: 20 December 2012