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I am a 71 year old, retired, transport consultant. Away from engineering I have, for all of my adult life, been a frustrated singer, poet, song writer and author. This has, over the years, manifest itself in many ways: A long-time/long-ago folk singer, the Office Bard and the author of my first novel "Flower in the Snow". When asked how long it took to write, I reply 65 years. Elements of my life: growing up after the second world war, Grammer School, work, marriage, divorce, loss of family and parenthood created a store of experience on which I drew when creating the story and the characters in this novel. I have spent my life trying to work out what motivates not only myself but other people and the difference between what they say and what they actually believe. This novel is, therefore, about conversations - said and unsaid - and actions taken or untaken. Hopefully, you too can find, in my story, parts of your life and compare how you reacted with how my characters reacted.

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A cautionary tale of a year-long journey taken by our fourty-year-old, main character, Ray Bradley; observed through his experiences and thoughts. Starting from a 'mundain normality' we experience the chance events that find him questioning who he has bec....
ISBN: 9781784076368
Published: 28 April 2014