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Graeme Cooper was born in the North East of England, where he still lives with his wife and 2 children (and a dog and a cat). He is also a keen singer and drummer. He started writing his first novel 'Thicker Than Water' at 29. Graeme is a master at developing characters and relationships, then making you wet the bed? with fear for their safety. He is dedicated in bringing page turner stories that will chill you to the bone, make you squirm a little and even make you laugh in places.

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There's someone after Steve Jacobs. Someone so sinister he's removed a girl's eye just to start the game. Who is it that hates Steve so bad? Is it someone from his present, or an evil from his past? Steve will only find out if he enters a world that only ....
ISBN: 9781782993100
Published: 8 April 2013