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The Author was born in Newcastle and still lives there. She is a widow and retired solicitor, has two children, four grown grandchildren, and shares her home with her German Shepherd dog, eight year old Regan. From the late 1960's through the 1970's she was a solicitors'outdoor clerk visiting prisons, and attending Counsel at the Assizes and Quarter Sessions, which together became the Crown Court. The idea for this story arose years ago, when a young woman collapsed weeping when her husband was sentenced to a long term of imprisonment for a violent crime and she was consoled by ushers. A barrister remarked, "I wonder what the story is there? He must be different with her."

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When eighteen-year old Sarah Green met David Jackson in 1970's Newcastle, a compelling attraction flowed instantly between them. From the very beginning, it was love at first sight. Both thought their wildest dreams had come true. Sarah's love for this ma....
ISBN: 9781784076214
Published: 18 April 2014