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Born and bred in Sussex, I have explored the County from end to end on foot and on horseback, so I was thrilled when the Vale of Sussex Society asked me to research, write and publish a book of walks and rides in the area around my home.

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EDUCATIONAL - Set in Sussex, the story is based strictly on facts and takes the reader through time to visit places, events and people of historical importance.ENJOYABLE - Five children, members of an extended family, find magic crop circles which transpo....
ISBN: 9781782990871
Published: 10 January 2013
This book is the inspiration of the recently formed Vale of Sussex Society so as to raise awareness of the beauty and interest of the historic villages of Ditchling, Westmeston, Streat, Plumpton, East Chiltington, St. John Without and Hamsey.Linked by the....
ISBN: 9781781766491
Published: 17 August 2012