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Griff Hosker worked as an English teacher and consultant for over thirty five years before embarking on his Roman novels. He has also written musicals and children's books.

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Wayne is a troubled youngster taken from his home to live with a granny he has never met. When she dies and he is bullied at his secondary school he finds himself alone and unhappy. A visit to Whitby brings him into contact with the ghost of his great gra....
ISBN: 9781908481009
Published: 15 December 2011
The Roman auxiliary cavalry is fighting with Julius Agricola to make the rest of Britannia Roman but first they have to destroy the Druids of Mona. Macus Maximunius is captred by the leader of the cult and faces death at close hand. When the Druids are de....
ISBN: 9781908603043
Published: 16 November 2011
Morwenn has returned to claim the throne of the Brigante and she raises the whole of the north. Marcus, Macro and Gaius can do nothing as they are trying to rescue their family kidnapped by the Caeldonii. The depleted Marcus' Horse find themselves hard pr....
ISBN: 9781908481061
Published: 19 December 2011
The Roman legions are being withdrawn from Britannia to fight in the Dacian wars and the Caledonii revolt. The only barrier to a complete invasion of Britannia is a handful of auxiliary units. Marcus' Horse have to fight treachery, witchcraft, spies and m....
ISBN: 9781908603173
Published: 3 December 2011
The Roman Auxiliaries think they have defeated the Brigante rebels but an alliance of kings threatens the fragile peace. A new prefect of cavalry also threatens to upset the smooth running cavalry unit. Marcus and his fellow decurions must fight for their....
ISBN: 9781908481665
Published: 30 June 2012
Marcus was a young auxiliary cavalryman but, in the first century, along with his centurion Ulpius Felix he saved the life of Queen Cartimandua and changed the course of Romano-British history. Fighting not only the fierce Brigante and Carvetii warriors U....
ISBN: 9781908481658
Published: 31 July 2012