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Ian Kingsley has lived for most of his life in Bournemouth, on the south coast of England. He is married with two children and four grandchildren. A chartered engineer, he has written a number of non-fiction works about science and technology. He began work in semiconductor research and development, designed electronic equipment for the disabled, combined his interests in technology and writing as a technical publications manager producing hardware and software handbooks for the armed services and industry, and then worked as a webmaster of his own travel website before concentrating on writing. His debut novel, a psychological thriller called ‘Sandman’, was published in 2010. Best-selling author Sophie King said this was: ‘A gripping psychological read with characters that reach out and grab you. A real page-turner.’ This ability to create rich characterisation, together with a sense of place that can only come from using real locations, is also a feature of his second novel, ‘Flying a Kite’ (2013). Reviewers of the latter have observed how it fits into the same niche as ‘The Shack’, how the narrative is ‘fluid, smooth and flows at a lovely pace’ which ‘allowed the reader to think about important concepts by himself,’ how ‘characters come alive through captivating dialogue,’ and how its ‘convincing’ and ‘riveting’ treatment of the God versus science debate is ‘much better’ than Dan Brown’s treatment in ‘Angels and Demons’. His latest novel is a mystery thriller called ‘The Grave Concerns of Jennifer Lloyd’ (2016). This is described in its Book Viral review as ‘A fine melding of mystery thriller and contemporary fiction… exceptionally entertaining’. Details of his current books and social media involvement are to be found on his website at, and you can follow him daily on Twitter as @authorkingsley.

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Money always solved everything for multi-millionaire Aldo Galliano. So when faced with imminent death and the need to decide between cryonic preservation or faith in God and an afterlife, he offers a £1m prize for the most convincing argument ‘for’ or ‘ag....
ISBN: 9781782993704
Published: 30 April 2013
A KILLER TO UNMASK – on an English country estate. The police have given up, but Jennifer Lloyd has a devious plan.A FEISTY TELEVISION REPORTER – prepared to go the extra mile to secure her career in television. Blagging deficiencies or a dodgy CV might o....
ISBN: 9781786106896
Published: 9 March 2016