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Pauline was happily married to David for thirteen years. When he dies she finds herself locked in a legal battle for their home at 10 Darling Street. Madge, his first wife, claims that the house should be hers. When the two women discover that David had a....
ISBN: 9781782995821
Published: 21 June 2013
Anne Birkin. becomes nun after enduring an an unhappy childhood. Becoming disillusioned she leaves the convent, only to find that life offers her more challenges and disappointments. The revelations about Apollonius of Tyana are a turning point in her own....
ISBN: 9781782994794
Published: 23 May 2013
There are four women, Eileen, Anne, Pauline, and Clare. Three have entered a religious community, and one has chosen marriage. Instead of finding security in a settled and established way of life all are severely challenged, as they seek to find their way....
ISBN: 9781782996644
Published: 9 July 2013