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Life is picking up for Sam Caine after losing his legs in an explosion in Afghanistan. He has opened a detective agency staffed by friends and his relationship with his partner Jess is strong. Everything is running smoothly until two clients walk into his....
ISBN: 9781785103308
Published: 25 November 2014
When his wife dies in a hit and run, his son is taken into care. Ben slowly starts to build a new life, he attracts a new partner, his son absconds from care and is returned home by a serial killing stand up comedian.Does this help or hinder in his quest ....
ISBN: 9781781767641
Published: 17 September 2012
Armed criminals are hard. Well, not always. When stolen money goes missing three men attempt to balance their lives - mixing humour, a contemplation of suicide, and a desire for a better life with the all-consuming chase to recover the money.Follow the Mo....
ISBN: 9781803029030
Published: 1 September 2023
‘Gap Year’A warning to all travellers; be careful for what you wish for. Feeling cheated after a lifetime of endless work, a 60 year old Vet decides to take a belated Gap Year. His wife is less than keen on the idea, so he goes alone. Events take a turn f....
ISBN: 9781782991298
Published: 30 January 2013