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Nick Urzdown is the rather cheesy pen name that this author has used for many years. In real life Nick is a libertine and bon viveur with the morals of an alley cat. He has spent a lifetime stripping women of their dignity, knickers and ability to sit down in comfort for a few days. That is not to say that he has every forced any woman into going across his knee, but he will own up to doing his best to make five minutes in the traditional position the least worst option for a mouthy female. He writes as he lives, with great gusto and plenty of noise, and he welcomes e-mails from readers to, or you can Skype him if you prefer. His username is NickUrzdown, as if you didn't know.

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There have been many fictional accounts of dominant men, but few that have told the real story of a man who has dedicated his life to upending naughty females and teaching them to mind their manners. Nick Urzdown’s first volume of memoirs, A Spanking Good....
ISBN: 9780957397200
Published: 6 September 2012