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One of my earliest memories is having a story I had written read out read to my infant school class. A year later, I went to visit my new junior school and heard a boy reading out a piece of creative writing, picked for its vivid descriptions. I recall thinking that I wanted to be picked out for writing the best story too! A few weeks later, I attempted to write the best story, and was congratulated by the headmaster. Writing is a wonderful, creative way to inhabit other worlds and other people’s minds. Writing a novel for young children is especially challenging because young readers have such creative and demanding imaginations. I have been working on The Last Santa for a number of years and the original kernel of the story belongs to my dad. I wrote the first draft at the age of thirteen and the characters have lived with me for over twenty years! During this time, I have studied drama; worked with dyslexic children and adults; got married and had a daughter. I have also won two poetry competitions, written articles for various magazines and taken several writing courses. But I always come back to The Last Santa. So, here it is, I hope you enjoy it. (I also run a poetry website,

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When the Prime Minister announces that Santa is to be abolished, Sam, William and Suzie decide that it is their mission to save him. Tracked by government men determined to stop any rescue attempt, the children travel by sleigh to Lapland, meeting some st....
ISBN: 9781781762899
Published: 2 May 2012