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I am a happily married middle aged man with two grown-up children who have 'Flown the nest'. Six years ago I had my 50th birthday and used this milestone to take stock of my life, to decide what I had and hadn't yet achieved and what I really should concentrate my efforts on in future. As I'd always enjoyed writing short articles and poetry I decided to try my hand at something more substantial, hence my progression to novels - of which 'Adam Glover And The Viking's Daughter' is the first. I very much believe in the old adage that you should 'Write about what you know and what you are passionate about' and also that following my dear mothers advice to describe every scene as if you are there is sound practice.

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Set around the picturesque North Devon coast. This is essentially a love story spanning a thousand years and a race to find a hoard of hidden gold to save the Glover family's ancestral home from repossession. Spirits of long dead ancestors assist in the s....
ISBN: 9781786102584
Published: 22 October 2015