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Born in Brentwood in Essex. The only son of an English Father and an East African born German Mother. Father of 5, Step-father to 2, Grandfather to 12. Retired, and Living in the 1066 county of East Sussex on the South coast of England. I joined the British Army as a boy-entrant in 1961, served in a number of countries around the world until 1973, picking up a few strange habits along the way, including ‘people watching’ which has become an invaluable aid to me in character creation. I retired from my long time profession as an IT Tutor in 2008 and began writing in earnest. I have churned out numerous Short Stories; some not bad, some bad and some which should never see the light of day ever again but all were part of polishing skills and abilities which have brought me to where I am now.I have written two full length novels, three novelettes, three co-operations with other authors, this my first attempt at an epic tale.

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Two teenagers born 800 years apart, are brought together to lead the battle against the children of the ancient gods, the terrible golem; The Anakim. There were giants in the earth in those days; and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the ....
ISBN: 9781781767665
Published: 17 September 2012
The Watchers have aligned themselves to observe the final moments of their favoured world. Battle has been joined between the Lizard Knights and the Chin. The Anakim grow stronger. The M'ntar introduce the Akadians, castaways from a different age and time....
ISBN: 9781782990420
Published: 12 December 2012
13 Short Stories,and 3 not so Short. 14 of mine and 2 collaborations with a wonderful pair of virtual friends, (they do exist, but outside the Internet we have never met.)I've written a whole rubbish pile of words, here are 16 of them; some good, some bad....
ISBN: 9781781767771
Published: 28 September 2012