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Diana Rozevskis and her abiding love of mythology, fantasy and reading children’s books to her two daughter’s inspired her to begin writing ‘The Crystal Waters Series’ six years ago. Her multifaceted career includes graphic design, child minding and working in top salons in London; Selfridges and Harvey Nichols as a Beauty Therapist. She also studied the ancient art of Crystal Healing and her passion and fascination for Crystals soon developed. Canadian born, she lived in Toronto until she was five years old until her British parents, yearning to be closer to their family, made the decision to move back to their hometown; Middlesbrough in the north east of England. This is where she lives today with her husband David and two daughters Emma and Grace. . . . Oh and her favourite colour is indeed purple.

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Emma and Grace are sisters, and last year they discovered that their grandmother’s house holds a secret down in the depths of the cellar; a doorway to ancient lands using Gran’s special crystals.The first book in the Crystal Waters series took Emma and Gr....
ISBN: 9781782998518
Published: 21 August 2013
CRYSTAL WATERS is a time-travel portal to ancient worlds! Emma, Grace, Robert and Tom, along with their purple dog Ceber, are on another adventure. This third voyage takes them back to ancient Antarctica. The reason; Robert is in danger! His sinister fath....
ISBN: 9781785101007
Published: 17 October 2014
Action-packed with adventure, the summer holidays for Emma and Grace mean travelling back in time using Gran’s magic crystals. But this year they can’t wait for it all to be over. Mum is still getting to grips with being a ghost and Olga has disappeared. ....
ISBN: 9781786103239
Published: 10 November 2015