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Hello, I'm Dorothea, writing as Thea Bentham because I think it looks neat in print. I am by nature a rather laid back artistic type, but fate sent me along a career in science. At High School I mixed Ancient History with Chemistry and Biology. They wanted to send us all to Oxbridge while I just wanted to ride my horse. I was good at art but that was never a career option, but I designed scenery for an excellent AmDram society in the 70s. I drifted from a job in the Natural History Museum, via Cancer Research, to a major drug company where I was head hunted from a lowly job in pharmacology to being a real biochemist and finally a nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopist ( don't ask). Then I gave it up to breed sheep. Then I could pursue my hobby - long distance horse riding. I bred a fantastic mare, Nimrodel, who was with me for 34 years. We completed many super rides and won many races of 100 miles and more, at home and abroad. I am not a serious writer, although I love any play on words and my favourite authors are those who poke fun at life and turn it a bit upside down. I have edited several newsletters and edited and published Country and Distance Rider magazine in the 1980s. Then THE BOOK (The ViPS) sort of happened. Inspired by our cats, horses and places that I knew the germ of an idea evolved. Then Martin bought me a second hand lap top and my life was changed for ever. Most writing happens in bed with an early morning cup of tea, surrounded by various cats. I write to have fun and if I can make others laugh and cry in the right place I am happy.

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This is a gripping tale of lust and love, treachery and intrigue, jealousy and despair...and that is only the cats! A picturesque Sussex village is threatened by the Heathcliffe-on-Sea bypass. The villagers form the Village Preservation Society, to fight ....
ISBN: 9781782994923
Published: 10 August 2013
It is not widely known that William Shakespeare was a keen cook but he hid his secret passion in the titles of his many plays: MacBroth, The Merchant of Venison, Much Ado About Mutton... and many more. This little book explores The Bard's culinary obsessi....
ISBN: 9781786103314
Published: 19 November 2015