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Dave Foxton was born in Leeds and left school at 16 to train with the Gas Board. He later qualified as a teacher and went on to gain an MA in Education. For over three decades he has been creating learning opportunities for people in communities across Leeds, as a tutor organiser, lecturer, council officer, centre manager and school governor. He believes that uncovering our own history helps us to both understand and overcome today’s problems. Dave is married to Hilary and they live in Armley. A lifelong supporter of Leeds Rhinos, following the family tradition from his mother, he remains a committed optimist.

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War was chaos, mayhem. Yet ordinary people achieved extraordinary things. The young Leeds tailor had learnt to think for himself and do things properly. But war came, and with only basic training, he was pitched into the shambles of France in 1940. He sur....
ISBN: 9781782992356
Published: 8 June 2013