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Steve Graham is a retired financial advisor, who now lives in Staffordshire. He is married to Anita and they have four children - Lynne, John, Diana and Gary, and three grandchildren – Logan, Dylan and Sami. Not forgetting their dog Stan, a Springer/Border Collie cross, that is loved by them all. Now that he has retired, Steve spends most of his time doing the things that he enjoys most, which includes writing, walking, carp fishing and looking after his grandchildren.

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This book is a revised edition of a book previously published, to which the author has added five new chapters, including two fascinating sections on rigs and hook-baits. He has also written two other books which were called `From Gudgeon to CARP` and `Mo....
ISBN: 9781782990437
Published: 17 January 2013
Steve Graham`s very popular book ‘Carp Fishing Tips and Theories’ was first published in December 2012, and ever since then Steve has been bombarded by requests from readers who wanted to know when he would write a sequel. Well here it is at last – ‘Carp ....
ISBN: 9781785105593
Published: 19 February 2015