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I write novels that defy genre boxing. My novels explore our ancient pre-history. Some adventure, fantasy, action, romance and a lot of faction thrown in. Myths and unsolved history are woven into the story to create a thought-provoking story. Think Dan Brown on Ayahuasca.

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It's 2029, an asteroid heads for an impact in the Sahara desert following a mysterious change in orbit. Far from being the catastrophic event that had been predicted, an ancient secret is exposed that will re-write the history of mankind. Was an undiscove....
ISBN: 9781908481399
Published: 1 November 2011
What is the strange formation on the Atlantic sea-bed? Could this be the fabled Atlantis? Is it an ancient Orbiane city, flooded after the end of the last ice-age? Following Mary and Si's previous experience,they investigate discoveries from the mid-Atlan....
ISBN: 9781784074555
Published: 28 January 2015