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Biography After leaving school and continuing with further education and training as an apprentice; it became obvious that a lifestyle within the engineering industry would not satisfy future aspirations. A romantic at heart; to travel the world seemed to be much more appealing, but he would have to find an occupation that would be more conducive to achieve this ambition. A position as an international sales representative would have been ideal and better suited to his personality, but lack of experience in this profession made things difficult in this respect. Trying his hand at door to door selling, which was the only option on offer, not ideal but it did give an opportunity to learn the subtle techniques of salesmanship until moving on to other things. Home improvements as in double glazing and cavity wall insulation were still relatively new concepts and proved to be quite successful, while it lasted. It was not easy and the entire sales process extremely time consuming. Late completion dates and obstructive interference by local authorities resulted in contracts being cancelled, which meant lost commission and this was intolerable. A decision was made to find something to sell, where he himself could control all aspects of sales, purchases and promotions. Machinery was an obvious choice due to the knowledge acquired during his period in the engineering industry. Many contacts were established, leading him to design and manufacture specialised equipment for use in the pharmaceutical industry research departments. This opened many doors and the opportunity to present the product at various trade exhibitions within the UK. Presentations were achieving one hundred per cent conversion rates and soon he was attending European conventions. His international sales position was fast becoming a reality. Accepting invitations to attend government sponsored overseas trade delegation missions to Hong Kong and beyond, found the author travelling to places that were previously in dreams beyond his reach. Attending many functions in various parts of the United States, Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, New Zealand and China, where upon meeting his future wife, his Eastern Promise really began. His life was to change in a way that he could never have foreseen. Accounts were opened, which generated sales in more than twenty six countries including Japan which really gave him a good feeling. Eastern Promise is his first book to be published. A previous book was attempted on a different subject but consigned to the scrap bin because half way through the process he didn’t like the content. Eastern Promise draws on the author’s personal life experiences and there is a lot of reality. His character can be identified within the story. Now settled in the UK, with his Chinese wife, who has mysterious and amazing abilities to cure illnesses where doctors have been unsuccessful; is currently planning to write a sequel to Eastern Promise.

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SCAMS! Scams, scams and more scams, don’t you just get sick of the wicked perpetrators of these crimes, constantly attempting to defraud innocent unsuspecting people of their hard earned savings. It constitutes a real threat to society and many people hav....
ISBN: 9781782992165
Published: 28 February 2013