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I'm S. Tranger. I've been writing since I was a bored eleven year old stuck in a big, three-storey house in Morocco with no books printed in English to read and no other way of entertaining my poor over-active brain. Nearly twelve years down the line, I'm now thinking of actually doing something with the writing experience I've acquired over time. I would like to catch the eye of bigger publishers with my work. So I'm taking the first steps into the writing arena and self-publishing my work. I think I see the world differently. And I would like to share that view with everyone.

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Maxx Lawler is just a normal guy in love. Jessa Dixon is an abnormal girl who does not love him back.Kanoa Reyes is a smart guy that did something very stupid.Skylar Rivera is smarter than most people think she is.Zenon Hayes is a basketball player who fe....
ISBN: 9781782993247
Published: 26 April 2013