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When eight-year-old Bobby, wins the amazing prize of a month at an exclusive summer school in a manor house in the country, he has no idea that all his secret dreams are about to come true. The prize includes a friend and he chooses to take his little sis....
ISBN: 9781781761465
Published: 15 March 2012
The Banshee, a feared creature of myth and legend, a harbinger of Death, whose cry has echoed through time haunting countless generations with her dreadful wail, as she searches for an end to her suffering. Born with the power of Angels and pursued by the....
ISBN: 9781781762080
Published: 10 April 2012
Some secrets refuse to be hidden and there are some souls that will not remain dead. Old industrial schools and orphanages hidden from sight in the depths of the Irish countryside, remain. There are many such unmapped sites, desolate spots, on lonely stre....
ISBN: 9781781764718
Published: 31 January 2013